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Ellen DeProto, General Manager

Ellen DeProto
General Manager

After graduating from University of California, Santa Cruz and traveling the world, I moved back to my hometown of Guerneville and started working at the family business. I am passionate about creating a positive, fun-filled work environment and I love to see this positivity pay forward to our clients, vendors, and guests. Every day brings a new challenge and I strive to meet each one with ingenuity, integrity, and empathy. I currently live in Santa Rosa with my husband and son. My hobbies include playing music, hiking, soccer, teaching Zumba, and reading.

Megan Perkins, Account Management

Megan Perkins
Account Management

I moved to Guerneville in 2005 with my husband and I started working at Russian River Vacation Homes at the end of 2009 – just in time for Thanksgiving! I love being active in the community, gardening, and the arts. The diverse, inclusive, fun and funky Russian River area suits me. My hands are always busy with some project: guerilla gardening with California natives, "working" on a friend's farm, hunting through antique shops, and trying restaurants and recipes.

Kim Murchie, Property Manager

Kim Murchie
Property Manager

The Russian River Valley is such a uniquely beautiful place. There are so many opportunities for fun! This is a great area to enjoy wonderful people, as well as the peaceful solitude of your own self. Soaking in the sun, walking in the towering woods, exploring the river and coastal beaches, cozying up during the rainy months... We have so many lovely ways to spend our time out here. I’m so happy to help people find their ideal spot to enjoy the Russian River! There’s something special for every season. I am so fortunate to be part of the great team at Russian River Vacation Homes.

Alyssa Fagan, Guest Relations

Alyssa Fagan
Guest Relations

West Sonoma County has been my home since 2009. I have worked in customer service for 10 years and with the most fulfilling interactions here in Guerneville. I love helping guide guests to local places to eat, family-friendly shops, and parks as well as show them how wonderful it is to spend time in Sonoma County! I live here with my daughter and can not imagine living anywhere else. 

Brian Alter, Property Management

Brian Alter
Property Management

The Russian River and West County have become home and a very special place in my life after relocating here in 1997. I am an ex-business owner here and have always strived to be part of this great community. I am now enjoying working with a group of people that appreciate and love the area as much as I do. I look forward in helping maintain the properties we manage and helping others to come experience and enjoy the magic that West County and the Russian River has to offer.

Gabe Flores
Lead Inspector

Patricia Gerlach, Owner

Patricia Gerlach

Over 40 years ago I chose the Russian River as my home.  Through the years it has been a pleasure to share this beautiful place with my friends and family, and through our business, with the world. It is even nicer that I can do this while working with my family. As the bookkeeper for Russian River Vacation Homes, I strive to maintain our records with the greatest accuracy and clarity.  I am an active member of our community. Presently, I serve as treasurer for the board of River to Coast Children’s Services, which supports the healthy development of children and families. 

Michael DeProto, Owner

Michael DeProto

I have been managing property in Sonoma County for over 40 years. As a licensed real estate broker and active community member, it has been my goal to provide safe and clean homes and commercial spaces that make people happy to be in them. I have been instrumental in renovating many properties, most recently the renovation of a large block of storefronts in Guerneville. It is my goal to enhance the owner’s investment in the property and the tenant’s enjoyment of it. I am a member of several community organizations including local chambers of commerce and real estate industry groups. I have been a member of Russian River Rotary for over thirty years, where I have served as President, secretary, and treasurer and worked to increase fundraising and contributions to schools and students. I am proud of the longevity and growth of my property management business and have clients who have been with us for over forty years.