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30 Plus Night Rentals from (Direct Bookings Only)

Do I have to book in monthly (30-night) increments?
No. As long as your reservation is longer than 30 nights, we’ll prorate the rent for your specific number of nights.

Can I stay only 29 nights?
Yes and no. To meet local regulations, your reservation must be for more than 30 nights, but you can check out early if you need to get home sooner. If that’s the case, there is not a refund for the unused nights at the home.

What if I want to rent more than 90 nights?
Our sister company, D&G Equity Management handles stays longer than 90 nights. Please ask if this home is available under that program!

Do I have to fill out an application and have a credit check?
For stays up to 60 nights, we do not require an application or credit check, but we will ask for a copy of a government issued photo ID for the primary guest, purpose of visit, and the name and contact information for all guests 18 and older.

Why do you need the contact information for all the guests in my group?
In case of emergencies and local natural disasters, we need to be able to reach guests and we recommend that guests sign up for local alerts. More information is provided once you book the property. Safety first!

When do I pay?
If you make the reservation more than 30 days from your arrival, half of the total is due at the time of reservation and the balance is due 30 days before you arrive. If your arrival date is less than 30 days away, the total is due at the time of reservation. 

Is there a security deposit?
No, we do not charge a security deposit.

Do we pay the utilities or put them in our name?
No, for one to three month stays, the utilities are built into the monthly rate for the home.

What’s the cancellation policy?
We require 30 days’ notice to cancel for a refund. We will refund 50% of the rent if the time does not re-rent. There is no refund for cancellation less than 30 days in advance. This also applies if you reduce the length of your stay. For example, if you are staying for 3 months and shorten your stay by 15 days on the day of arrival, we’ll refund 50% of those 15 days. If you shorten your stay within the last 30 nights of your stay, there is no refund.

Do I pay taxes?
Under local regulations, you do not pay transient occupancy tax (also known as the hotel or bed tax). It’s like renting an apartment for a short time. 

Can we get extra cleaning?
Every other week cleaning is included in the cost of your stay – and it’s required. The cleaners do surfaces, floors, bathrooms, and a touch up in the kitchen. The cleaners will also restock some of the basic supplies like toilet paper and paper towels. The cleaning does not include linens/towels or washing dishes. Each home has a washer and drier if you’d like to launder linens and towels during your stay. And you may request additional cleaning as well – the cost varies by house, so please ask. Laundry service (linens and towels) during your stay is available as an add on. These costs vary by home.

Can friends and family join us at the house?
Please check the terms and conditions for the property you are renting – the maximum number of guests is listed and we allow up to 2 additional day guests with prior written permission.

Can I bring my dog or cat?
Many homes are dog-friendly, and a few allow cats. For the homes that allow pets we’re happy to have them stay as well. If you plan to bring your pet and the home allows it, there’s a spot on your application to include your furry family. We do not charge an additional pet fee or deposit. Please ask if you have questions about rules for pets at the home and local ordinances - like leash laws.

Do I have to/can I view the property before renting?
We’re happy to coordinate a viewing if the home isn’t occupied. If you aren’t able to see the property in person, we have photos and floorplans available. We know we can’t show every aspect of a property in photos, so please ask questions!

Who else has access to the property while I’m renting it?
To keep homes in good repair and looking lovely and safe, various service providers are scheduled for spa and yard service. And we’ll schedule every other week cleaning service for the home. In some cases, the trash service comes onto the property to empty the cans (instead of you taking the cans to the road). Homes with propane tanks will have deliveries and water meter readers and other utility providers require access. Each vendor aims to honor your privacy, but guests are not allowed to decline the service or turn them away.

Please keep in mind:
The homes we manage are generally in residential neighborhoods with a mix of permanent residents and vacation rentals, families, working folks, and visitors. Maintaining neighborhood relationships is an important part of offering rentals in this community. Here are some elements to consider:

Parking is tight in most of these neighborhoods. Please park in the listed parking places for the home first. Then park considerately in available parking spots on the street – not blocking driveways, mailboxes, or trashcans. There may not be extra street parking. Please ask the office if you have any questions about parking!

Sound carries more than you expect! And especially along the river and creeks and in the canyons. There is no noise ordinance for the county, but many of your neighbors get up early to work in the morning – weekends too!

Septic systems – many homes in the area are on septic systems which are rated for a specific number of users based on the number of bedrooms in the home. We ask everyone to be mindful of what they flush, even the homes on city sewer!

PG&E - When PG&E issues power alerts and asks the community to reduce electrical usage, we ask you to do this as you would at your own home. Thank you!

How to inquire about Monthly Rentals.
To inquire about monthly rentals, please contact us at

We look forward to sharing our favorite parts of Sonoma County with you!